Two Items I Would Like to See on the Agenda

From Linda MacRae, forwarded through Maureen Bryan.

  1. OSA Tournament in Eastern Ontario

It seems the last several years the OSA has been ignoring eastern Ontario. The furthest east OSA tournament is Elora. If you look at a map and going from east to west that is about two thirds of the way or more across Ontario.

2. Changing Tournament Format

Several years ago the OSA formed a committee to see about changing the format for tournaments. As a result clubs were supposed to go back and hold mingles/singles and see what players thought of them.

Clubs have been hosting mingles/singles for a while now. What are the results of doing this?

Goderich club has been hosting a singles club tournament for years. Six games are played and you draw for a court for each game. In the morning the amateurs are at the foot and the experienced players are at the head, this is so the amateurs can learn how to score. In the afternoon, the players switch to the opposite end.

The tournament is over in one day.

Six games are played (versus four guaranteed games in an OSA tournament).

Nobody gets knocked out.

You don’t have to rely on a partner.

Costs are reduced because it only lasts one day, not two.

Years ago, there used to be two singles tournaments in Ontario every year. Why were they dropped?

If we want to see shuffleboard interest grow I think these two subjects should be addressed.

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