Breanne asks us –

We have been asked: “Do you know of any outdoor shuffleboard courts in Ontario (and if at all possible closer to Hamilton) that are available to play on?” Breanne

I have answered that I know of outdoor courts in Midland Ontario. If anyone knows of any others, please let me know and I’ll pass it on.

Bill Boyes

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1 Response to Breanne asks us –

  1. John Mickle says:

    Hello Bill; Do not know of any out door courts. We use three courts located at the Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre located just outside of Ancaster off of Highway #2. Play is available on Wednesday mornings and at 1 .m. On Thursday. For more info contact the centre,

    The courts are located in their auditorium which is climate controlled for both summer and winter play. . .
    Cheers – John Mickle

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