This post will list all the changes to, and cancellations of  club shuffleboard for this summer that we have heard about. To make it easiest to find new information, newest information will be at the top. This list will “Stick” to the top of all the posts so you will always see it first. Further news will be announced here.

  • London has cancelled their season. From Marlene Hillier.
  • Blackstock has deferred thier opening with hopes of a startup later this summer. From Patrick Antaya.
  • St Marys cancelled their season due to unavailability of their faciities. From Ron Ferguson
  • Thames-Horizon  cancels entire season, from Henry Strong
  • Coldwater cancels season, from Carole Archer
  • OSA has postponed all their tournaments until more is know, from Carl Rogerson.
  • CNSA has cancelled their Ingersoll CNSA Doubles, from Jim Corbeil
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