2023 Tournament Schedule

I am excited to announce we have five OSA sanctioned tournaments planned for next season. Put the dates in your calendar so you don’t forget. Over the next few months, I will provide details of tournament format, amateur vs open dates, times, etc. Don’t forget, we also have the Inter-Provincials in Winnipeg the week of June 18, 2023. How exciting is this? 🙂

Chatham – May 22 thru May 25, 2023

Elora – June 6 thru June 8, 2023

Coldwater – July 4 thru July 6, 2023

Goderich – July 26 thru July 28, 2023

Blenheim – August 8 thru August 10, 2023

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3 Responses to 2023 Tournament Schedule

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Thanks to Evan Engell president of the OSA for arranging 5 sanctioned tournaments for 2023. Also thanks to the CNSA and president Norm Lindsay for the IP that will be held at Winnipeg. This is exciting news for the sport we love to play.
    “Congratulations “…..see you on the courts 🤗
    Myrna & Rendall

  2. Mike Milne says:

    Hello Evan,Happy Thanksgiving!There are a few questions I hope you can help me with.#1 you mentioned interprovincial tournament, is there a qualification process, I would love to go and compete.#2 how do I become eligible to compete in the internationals?Thanks in advance Mike Milne PS below find Credit River fall colours

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  3. Evan Engell says:

    Mike, thank you for your questions. They are good.

    I do not have precise answers but I will be sure to post them when I get the details. Here is what I do know. You do not “qualify” for either tournament through competitive play (ex. tournament competition).

    About January or February, applications will become available on this site. Applicants wanting to play can submit their requests. The CNSA has a selection committee for the ISA and the OSA has a selection committee for the IP. I have never been on a selection committee but I do know their job is tough. There are always way more applicants than the number of players allowed to compete. So I do not envy them at all.

    There will be more discussions about this by January and there will be ample time to complete and submit the applications. I intend on giving status updates as I learn more about this process from “the other side”.

    Have a great winter. 🙂

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