Format clarification for Chatham’s OSA Tournament

This tournament is being done differently due to the limited number of courts. Amateurs will play on Monday, May 22. Amateur finals will be Tuesday. Experts will play on Wednesday, May 24. Expert finals will be Thursday.

It is still an “any-doubles” tournament just like we’ve always had. That is, teams can be two ladies, two men, or one of each. Teams will play together throughout their respective tournaments. Because of the court restriction, I cannot have anybody play in both tournaments. Amateurs can play in the expert tournament IF their partner is an expert and they did NOT play in the amateur tournament.

The first day of each tournament will be a “modified singles/mingles for doubles” tournament. This means there will be chips drawn for court assignments and you will play the other team at that court. Although not likely, it is conceivable you could hit a team or court more than once. I will be controlling the byes so that they are distributed evenly (depending on the number of teams).

Depending on the number of teams, I suspect we will be playing a 16 or 24 frame game. It will NOT be best of three. Nobody will be eliminated on the first day of their tournament. I’m hoping everybody plays five games throughout the day and that we finish by 4:30pm.

The finals day for the top eight teams will be like our traditional tournaments. The top four teams will play for first through fourth in main while the fifth through eighth place teams will play for consolation placement.

Do NOT forget to bring a lunch. There is nothing close to the venue.

PLEASE drive slowly on the driveway leading to the venue. The owner of the farm has small children. He is not a shuffler but he is kind enough to allow us to use his facilities. Being respectful is the least we can do.

Thank you.

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5 Responses to Format clarification for Chatham’s OSA Tournament

  1. Ted Przewieda says:

    Ted and Theresa PrzewieHello Evan,
    My wife and I are interested in the amateur tourney. We’d like to mingle and play.
    How do we sign up? Sounds like the first day will be a long one.
    We don’t belong to any club or have memberships.
    What would our cost be?
    Has there been a big response?
    Thanks for your time

  2. Evan Engell says:

    Hi Ted and Theresa.

    I am so glad you are thinking of playing. You will enjoy it. Just like anywhere I’ve ever played, Ontario players are a lot of fun and really good people.

    You will each have to pay $5 for an Ontario Shuffleboard Association membership. This is good for the entire season. The entry fee is $20 per team. This amount is per tournament. Half of the entry fee is allocated to prize money for the top four teams in both main and consolation.

    We usually get around 20 teams for each of the amateur and expert OSA tournaments. My concern for Chatham is that we get over 24 teams for each of the amateur and expert tournaments. Chatham has great courts, a beautiful venue, and this is the first time having an OSA sanctioned tournament. All I do know is it will be a lot of fun.

    I look forward to seeing you there. 🙂


    • Ted Przewieda says:

      Hi Evan
      Thanks for all your work
      Know how much time is required to organize
      Is there any possibility to accommodate participants that drive for an hour?
      Would it be possible to get our games in by 2:00?
      I fully understand about scheduling events
      We are in, and would like to shorten our day
      Thanks again for your time
      Ted and Theresa Przewieda

  3. Evan Engell says:

    Hi Ted.

    I’m glad you’re coming. You will have fun.

    Unfortunately, it will be an all day event. Pre-planned formats and random team draws are necessary to keep it fair to everybody. Customizing draws could be perceived as tipping the scales for one team over another and/or causing a ripple effect on team and court assignments later in the tournament.

    You may get lucky and draw a bye in the last round (depending on the number of entrants, there could be a few byes each round). Should that happen, you would be able to leave after your last match, which may be around 3:00.


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