Albert Blom Has Left Us, May He Rest In Peace. 2018 10 25.

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Condolences to Earl Ball and Family

It is with great sadness I have to inform you of the passing of Vivian Ball.
I am not sure how many of our Canadian shuffleboard players knew Vivian, but I am sure most of us know her husband Earl.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Earl and the Ball family.
May she rest in peace.
Jim Corbeil  President Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.
Webmaster’s Note: We have seen Earl in ISA tournaments and also in Ontario tournaments teamed up with our own Henry Strong. Earl Ball plays out of the Betmar club in Florida.
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2019 Interprovincial – Note Changes

Original post on CNSA website

There has been a change to the location of the 2019 Inter-Provincial.
Coldwater is not able to hold this event at this time.
The CNSA will host the 2019 IP in Ingersoll Ontario. Please note the
date change, Monday July 8th to Friday July 12th 2019. The location
will be the Ingersoll Memorial Arena 97 Mutual St.Ingersoll Ontario.
As there will be NO host club we are asking the Provinces to collect
the entry money from each player and non players who wish to attend,
and forward the money to Murray Burnett the CNSA Treasurer. 35 Davison
Place Fergus ON. N1M 3R3.
We will have the Packet on the CNSA web site mid  November .
Jim Corbeil President CNSA.

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Thames Horizon Shuffle Club ends summer season

Thames Horizon Shuffle Club completed the summer shuffle season.

on Sept 27/18. With a barbeque for members and spouses.
We had a very good season again at a very good facility 8 regular indoor courts.
We played 17 league days plus 4 Mingles/Singles all well attended – league play in the morning till noon, Hoss Collar in the afternoon.
45 members showed up for the last day a good time for all.

Looking forward to next season
Submitted by Hubert Van Eerd

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Outdoor court needed.

We hope one of our readers will be able to help Jeff in his search for an outdoor court. Details follow:

My name is Jeff Mitchell. I live in Barrie and have a summer property in Muskoka, where we have an outdoor 40′ shuffleboard court. It is a cement base, but has deteriorated over the years. Approx. 15 years ago we obtained a roll up rubber/vinyl surface, but unfortunately it too has deteriorated and needs replacing.
I believe the new format of the Click poly tiles would work best in our setting.
I was just speaking to Carl Rogerson, and he graciously suggested that I should be connecting with Bill Boyes. Which is the purpose of this message. My number is 705-734-5648 / email –
Since we only use the court recreationally, I am somewhat challenged to purchase a new one for $1,250 plus. Therefore if you could post on your site my request / offer to purchase a slightly used Poly Click surface that would be greatly appreciated. At this stage I truly won’t need til next spring; so if you are aware of a playing surface that is available either new or used for under $1,000 that would be greatly appreciated.

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2018 Apple Tourn.

Sent in to us by Ron Ferguson, this newspaper article about the St. Marys Apple Tournament – Sept. 17, 2018 was published in “The St.Marys Independent “ .
Results of this tournament were posted earlier.

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Malvern Startup

Webmaster’s note: Just noticed that this artical was posted to the Canadian site instead of Ontario’s.

Forwarded from Jim Corbeil

I was asked if I could assist the Malvern Centre in Toronto with their new Shuffleboard program for seniors. Marlene and I were very impressed to see so many people interested in shuffleboard and enjoyed helping such enthusiastic people that knew nothing about the game.

We arrived at the Malvern Family Resource Centre Friday Aug.24.
Thiviyaah, Pushparajah, Senior Program Coordinator and her staff where
busy rolling out the 2 shuffleboard courts and setting up chairs as
some 30 or 40 people filled the gym.

This group of people were eager to learn and play shuffleboard. Tyviyaah said they are just getting shuffleboard started in their
Seniors program.

After a short talk on how to play and going over some of the rules,
Marlene and I each took a court and started to show the players how to
hold their cue and how to shoot the disc down the court.

We tried to let as many people get a turn at playing in the time we had to work in, and in that short time everyone seemed to really get into the game. I think with a little practice and just shooting the discs down the courts they will have a great shuffleboard program. Most, if not all have never played shuffleboard before, in fact one person asked me. What do you call this game?

When we were finished the people were leaving to go to a barbeque put on by the Malvern Centre. It looks like it is going to be a great program but they are going to
need a little help to understand the game. If needed we will return
again to assist

I cannot say enough about Thiviyaah and her staff for their hard work and dedication to the program. And by the way Thiviyaah and her staff are all women. With a little more time and practice I am sure the shuffleboard program will grow to be one of their most popular events.

Thanks to the Malvern Family Resource Centre, Thiviyaah and her Staff for asking us to come down. I hope in the near future we have some players from their program involved in the Ontario and Canadian shuffleboard tournaments.

Jim Corbeil, President CNSA



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