ISA – All Teams and Players from each Country

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ISA Next Week in Ingersoll Ontario

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Blenheim Open Tournament Results

Here are the results of this week’s tournaments …

Open: 21 Teams
1st – Dotty Koert and Henry Strong
2nd – Gerdien and Gerrit Dykman
3rd – Murray and Allan Little
4th – Pat Atkinson and Ken Lefaive

This is three consecutive 1st Place Main finishes for Dotty at this tournament. Congratulations.

1st – Jim Carder and Davis Bryan
2nd – Bill Van Eerd and Glen Peltier
3rd – George Admiral and Jack Thorne
4th – Neta Den Otter and Arnold Black

1st Place Main – Dotty Koert and Henry Strong

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Blenheim Amateur Tournament Results

Here are the results of this week’s tournaments …

Amateur: 19 Teams
1st – Norine and Allan Duck
2nd – Murray and Allan Little
3rd – Neta Den Otter and Arnold Black
4th – Roger Kellam and Bill Patterson

1st – Mary Bryan and Katie Starzacher
2nd – John Collier and Gilles Coulombe
3rd – Bev and Brian Doyle
4th – Jack Den Otter and Trevor Martin

1st Place Main – Norine and Allan Duck
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OSA makes its Facebook debut

Come join us on Facebook. Search for a group called Ontario Shuffleboard Association. Ask to join as only members can see who is in the group and what they post. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your shuffleboard peeps. 🙂

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Carl Rogerson into the Hall Of Fame, Presidents’ Category

Carl Rogerson
OSA President
2018 – 2022

Carl’s induction into the Ontario Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame was conducted at the OSA AGM held in Elora Ontario by new OSA president Evan Engell, June 14, 2022. Evan spoke about Carl’s history as president from June 2018 to June 2022, made more difficult because of Covid which shut down Ontario shuffleboard events and OSA activities until 2022. Evan talked about Carl’s leadership and presence helping us get through that difficult time.    

It was following several years of service as an OSA board member that Carl was elected president (June 2018), a position he has held to the OSA AGM in June 2022. Carl was noted for his steady leadership style. Living in North Bay Carl would have to drive for hours to play in OSA tournaments in southern Ontario. With his bride Ella by his side, he would often be picking up shuffleboard equipment for others and he sometimes combined such a trip with his travels conducting his container business activities. Carl also obtained a container for use by the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club for storing equipment.  A very busy man!

On the courts, Carl is well known for his white western hat and dapper curled moustache, AND for being a formidable opponent! Carl began  playing in Florida in the early 1990’s and made PRO in 2007. In Ontario Carl has played mostly with George Admiral as his partner, making a very strong team indeed!

Evan remembered the first time he met Carl.  Evan’s Dad was a Clearwater player and Carl had so many nice things to say about Wayne.  It formed an impression on Evan that he will never forget.  Carl’s efforts with the “Saturday” league in Clearwater, demonstrated his true love of shuffleboard.  Evan pointed out that the testament to a true sportsman is his actions off the courts.  Absolutely nobody is more loved than Carl both on and off the courts. 

The OSA is glad to be able to provide this link to a very good post on the OSA website giving more details of Carl and Ella’s lifetime together.

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Announcement for Blenheim

From Evan Engell –

Blenheim AMATEUR Tournament – August 2

The format of the tournament will change so that amateur teams will play five or six games. The tournament will start at 9:00 and finish at 4:00 with a proper lunch break at noon. You will not be out of the tournament if you lose. You will play all day and the tournament will finish in one day.

Don’t forget, AMATEURS are able to and welcome to compete in the Open Tournament on day two. Nothing is more fun than taking down an "Expert" team. 🙂

Please let your shuffleboard friends know about this. It will make the trip to Blenheim even more fun.

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Coldwater tournament

Sent from Evan Engell –
On behalf of the OSA board, we would like to express our thanks to Carol Archer and her many volunteer hands who put on a wonderful OSA tournament. Lunch was provided including many kinds of homemade soup. Not to leave out desserts too.

This was the largest number of players in a tournament so far this year.
It was so good to reunite with old friends and make many new ones too.
Everyone seems to gravitate to Coldwater, we always feel so welcomed and love their courts.
Wishing all the best to Coldwater, see you next season.

Regards Evan Engell-President OSA.

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Thank You Coldwater for Hosting the OSA Tournament

Sunmitted by Muriel Burnett

Delicious homemade lunches were available.  Thank you to all the Coldwater volunteers, on the courts, and in the kitchen.

Shown in the picture are Carole Archer and Janice Archer.

OSA President Evan Engell with Tournament Director Ann Engell.

Lots of social opportunities and fun at the fine restaurants in the area.

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Results of Coldwater OSA Tournament

Here are the results of this week’s tournaments …

Amateur: 23 Teams
1st – Mary Bryans and Leida Gerrits
2nd – Janice Archer and Janice Lynham
3rd – Nancy and Willy VanderWielen
4th – Paul Sova and Len Perrault

1st – Norm and Bernice Lindsay
2nd – Joe and Margaret Chircop
3rd – Fran Franklin and Marie Kinnear
4th – John Wilson and Gilles Coulombe

Unfortunately there are no pictures of the Coldwater Amateur winnera.

Open: 27 Teams
1st – Linda O’Conner and Evan Engell
2nd – Gary Keating and Doug Beach
3rd – Muriel Burnett and Dawn Hammond
4th – George O’Reilly and Bill Kinnear

Pictures in order of finish thanks to Muriel Burnett

1st – Bill LeMay and John Jefferson
2nd – Marlene and Jim Corbeil
3rd – Dotty Koert and Henry Strong
4th – Ray Hammond and Murray Burnett

Pictures in order of finish thanks to Muriel Burnett

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