Info needed about resurfacing outdoor courts.

If anyone has a suggestioni, please comment on this post or email

Freda of Port Rowan as written us to say –
We are planning to resurface our outdoor concrete shuffleboard courts in Port Rowan, Ontario. Could you recommend what type of paint should be used for this purpose? It was recommended to use H & C Concrete Stain by Sherwin Williams but we could not find it on their website. Any recommendations for painting and what paint to use would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Freda has added that they have two courts

Evan made a comment that they are very keen shufflers in Port Rowan ans could really use our help. (Click on Comments below)

Shuffleboard Bill looked up the DOM Sports (our sponsor) website which has lots of useful information, although the part about paint may be out of date as provincials laws have  changed.

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Sad News about Geordie Archer of Coldwater

Geordie Archer has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Geordie was a member of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club. He enjoyed playing and competing in the game. Geordie was always at the shuffleboard club working on the courts and assisting in every way he could. Carol, his wife is the President of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to his wife Carol and the Archer family.

Jim Corbeil, President CNSA

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London Shuffleboard Cancellation

From: Marlene Hillier >
All Spring / Summer programs in London to be cancelled due to the COVID pandemic.
Marlene Hillier
London Shuffleboard.
Bill’s comment Marlene, we are sorry to hear that your season was cancelled, but it seems we are all in the same situation this summer. We will try to stay in touch with everybody on this issue. Some clubs may be able to have a late start even if the season only lasts for a few weeks.
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Video Honouring Canada’s First Responders

Jim Corbeil, CNSA President,  sent the excellent video – as posted here-> CNSA Website post

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This post will list all the changes to, and cancellations of  club shuffleboard for this summer that we have heard about. To make it easiest to find new information, newest information will be at the top. This list will “Stick” to the top of all the posts so you will always see it first. Further news will be announced here.

  • London has cancelled their season. From Marlene Hillier.
  • Blackstock has deferred thier opening with hopes of a startup later this summer. From Patrick Antaya.
  • St Marys cancelled their season due to unavailability of their faciities. From Ron Ferguson
  • Thames-Horizon  cancels entire season, from Henry Strong
  • Coldwater cancels season, from Carole Archer
  • OSA has postponed all their tournaments until more is know, from Carl Rogerson.
  • CNSA has cancelled their Ingersoll CNSA Doubles, from Jim Corbeil
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Coldwater Cancels 2020 summer season.

Carole Archer, Coldwater President, had sent an email saying

“It is almost a certainty that our summer season for shuffleboard is cancelled as we were to start on the 5th of May.  So until this terrible Covid-19 has been cleared, we must stay safe and stay inside.  Take care and hope to see you all real soon.”

In talking to Carole Archer today I asked about their summer season, and she told me  that she is having to tell everyone that the Coldwater summer season is cancelled, and any further news will be announced.


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More about Coldwater losses

Due to several emails coming to me at once, I missed posting the following from Carole Archer, Coldwater Club President:

“As most of you know, it is with a heavy heart that I send this email to say that we lost three of our shufflers in the last week and one in the last couple of months.  Firstly, Marilyn Graves, then Wilson Davy, Liz Fox and four days later Lyle.  It is truly a trying time for everyone and now with this Covid-19 it makes it even harder to keep in touch with everyone.  I just want everyone to know that once this virus is over, we will all get together and hopefully sooner than later.”

Carole has included a picture of Liz and Lyle Fox- Liz and Lyle Fox of Coldwater SC

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OSA Postpones All 2020 Tournaments

Carl Rogerson

The OSA will be postponing all tournaments for 2020, as we are in this pandemic, we need you to stay home and stay safe. We will keep you undated on any future news.
Carl Rogerson, Pres. OSA.

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Sad News From Coldwater Shuffleboard Club

Please click here to see this post on the CNSA website.

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CNSA Tournament in Ingersoll May 25-27, 2020 Suspended

CNSA Shuffleboard Canada

The CNSA Tournament in Ingersoll May 25-27, 2020 will be suspended until further notice do to the Coronavirus.
Jim Corbeil, President CNSA.

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