Malvern Startup

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Forwarded from Jim Corbeil

I was asked if I could assist the Malvern Centre in Toronto with their new Shuffleboard program for seniors. Marlene and I were very impressed to see so many people interested in shuffleboard and enjoyed helping such enthusiastic people that knew nothing about the game.

We arrived at the Malvern Family Resource Centre Friday Aug.24.
Thiviyaah, Pushparajah, Senior Program Coordinator and her staff where
busy rolling out the 2 shuffleboard courts and setting up chairs as
some 30 or 40 people filled the gym.

This group of people were eager to learn and play shuffleboard. Tyviyaah said they are just getting shuffleboard started in their
Seniors program.

After a short talk on how to play and going over some of the rules,
Marlene and I each took a court and started to show the players how to
hold their cue and how to shoot the disc down the court.

We tried to let as many people get a turn at playing in the time we had to work in, and in that short time everyone seemed to really get into the game. I think with a little practice and just shooting the discs down the courts they will have a great shuffleboard program. Most, if not all have never played shuffleboard before, in fact one person asked me. What do you call this game?

When we were finished the people were leaving to go to a barbeque put on by the Malvern Centre. It looks like it is going to be a great program but they are going to
need a little help to understand the game. If needed we will return
again to assist

I cannot say enough about Thiviyaah and her staff for their hard work and dedication to the program. And by the way Thiviyaah and her staff are all women. With a little more time and practice I am sure the shuffleboard program will grow to be one of their most popular events.

Thanks to the Malvern Family Resource Centre, Thiviyaah and her Staff for asking us to come down. I hope in the near future we have some players from their program involved in the Ontario and Canadian shuffleboard tournaments.

Jim Corbeil, President CNSA



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Winners St Mary’s Big Apple

St Mary’s Big Apple Tournament Sept 17, 2018
Players 55
Men 28
1st. Nev Campbell
2nd Tony VandeHoven
3rd John Mickle
4th Evan Engell
5th Robert Schmitt

Women 27
1st Ron Ferguson (Man)
2nd Ann Birley
3rd Jane Chalmers
4th Martine Vermeire
5th Colette Brodie

Tournament Director, Marlene Corbeil

Picture Captions-
3505 – Winner Ron Ferguson Nev Campbell
3502 – John Mickle Robert Schmitt Tony VandeHoven Evan Engall
3489 – Colette Brodie Martine Vermeire Jane Chalmers Ann Birley
The names are in order from left to right, not the way they placed.
We had to have 3 men play as women.

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Scugog Shuffle

Sent from Ann Davies

On Sept 12 Scugog Shuffle Club closed for another successful season.
Before storing the equipment away we enjoyed a few games of Hoss Collar, then enjoyed a wonderful pot luck with a great variety of dishes.
Ann Davies held the general meeting thanking everyone for a great season.
The trophy in honour of Gearld Balson for Most Improved was awarded to Rick Wall this year.
Donations from local merchants which helped to keep this club alive was greatly appreciated with Thanks.
We will be looking forward to next May when the fun starts all over again.
For information please call or email anngoemans
Or 905-447-8803


Sent from Annie’s phone

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Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club

From Myrna Bilton –
Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club celebrates 10 seasons with another successful summer ending on Thursday, Sept 13th. CWSC has approx 75 members that have shuffled this past summer.
We started at 1:00 pm with 3 games of shuffleboard. Everyone then worked hard rolling up the courts and putting the shuffle equipment in the trailer for storage until May 2019.

President Maureen Bryan held the Annual General Meeting.
A huge “Thank you and Congratulations” to Maureen and executive for a “job well done”.

We ended our day with lots of food, camaraderie and hugs…….then said our goodbyes for another season.
“It’s the FRIENDS we meet along the way that help us appreciate the JOURNEY “.

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From: Ron Ferguson –
I was informed by the town/St.Marys this afternoon of a hiccup to our plans for the tournament on Monday, Sept. 17th:

They have arranged to dig up and re-pave the parking lot that we use for Curling and Shuffleboard. Apparently, they have NO ALTERNATIVE DATE to do this job. It has to be Monday Sept. 17th. Our tournament day!

**THEREFORE, parking for that day will be, north of the Tennis Courts OR to the south of our existing parking lot.

Town Employees will be on hand to direct shufflers as where to park.

The town have promised us, a shuttle bus.. Between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM, IF NEED BE. …………….THE WALKING DISTANCE IS NOT VERY FAR!

Ron Ferguson

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2018 Apple Tournament September 17

Please see the above attachment, as a “reminder” for the upcoming APPLE TOURNAMENT – Monday Sept. 17th:



St.Marys Shuffleboard Club.

2018 Apple Tournament Template a.pdf

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Thames Horizon Results

Thames Horizon Mingles/Singles Tournament Results for Sept 6/18
With a good turnout again a good time for all with friendly games

18 Pro’s
1 Bill LeMay
2 Marlene Corbiel
3 Tony Vanden Hoven
4 Glen Peltier
5 Linda Armstrong
6 Evan Engell

19 Amateurs
1 Gene Brenders
2 Don Chalmers
3 Jerry Caza
4 Elliot Arnold
5 Moe Campeau
6 Rick Wehring

This was the last tournament for this season.
Hope to do it all over again next year.

Tournament Director Mary Button
Sent in by Hubert Van Eerd

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