Apple Tournament Results

Apple Tournament September 9, 2019 St. Mary’s Ontario
Men 35
1st.   Herman Lansink        6 wins
2nd.  Don Hutchinson.      5 wins
3rd.  Jim Corbeil.                5 wins
4th   Tony Vanden  Hoven 5 wins
5th.    Don Waldie.              5 wins
Women 21
1st   Ruth Stewart.               4 wins
2nd. Gerdien  Dykman.       4 wins
3rd.  Mary Bryans.                4 wins
4th.  Dotty Koert.                 4 wins
5th.  Barb Howard.               3 wins
Tournament Director, Marlene Corbeil
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Pictures from BIG APPLE TOURNAMENT – Sept. 9 – 2019

This gallery contains 9 photos.

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Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club

From Maureen Bryan :
Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club has played their last games of the season. We finished with our annual meeting, and a pizza party, with cake following.

We have had a great season, lots of new and exciting members take to the courts twice weekly, to our surprise have really shown their new learned skills so quickly. They have brought so much
laughter and fun, have shown alot of us old folks how to play this game we all love.
They jump in anywhere to help , ask and they do it. We are blessed to have so many new , good friends.
Until next season, Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club sends best wishes to all clubs, take care of yourselvles, hope to see you on the courts in 2020.
Regards Maureen Bryan.

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Scugog End Of Season

On Wednesday Sept 11th the Scugog Shuffle club , located in the village of Blackstock On , held their end of season meeting and potluck lunch. We started with 2 fun games of hoss collar followed by the storing of our supplies and club equipment until next May. It was then on to the meeting and a very enjoyable lunch. As the club’s membership is declining , all present were asked to spread the word wherever and whenever possible to encourage new people to join us for the fun and social interaction with the great game of shuffleboard. For more information feel free to contact us.
Patrick Antaya
705-878-5877 ( Ontario )
941-776-7717 (Florida )
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Results – Last of the Season for Thames Horizon

Hubert VanEerd


Sent in by Hubert Van Eerd. We thank Hubert for his faithful reports of activities at the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club!
Thames Horizon Shuffle Club Mingles/Singles Tournament Results for September 5/19.
The last tournament for the 2019 season.
A very good turn out again.

….21 Pro’s
1 Tony Vanden Hoven
2 Eric Brown
3 Katie Starzacher
4 Moe Vermeulen
Blank 200x4005 Evan Engell
6 Tony DeLuca
.    21 Amateurs
1 Mary Bryans
2 Joe Lessard
3 Sharon Raymont
4 Davis Bryans
5 Peter Starzacher
6 Linda De Vries
Tournament Director Mary Button
And Teresa Vermeulen
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2019 OSA Player Points

From: Shirley Bryan

Attached are the amateur and expert points for 2019 end-of-OSA-tournament-season.

We congratulate Bill Kinnear and Howard Snider on reaching expert status this year.

We also ongratulate Maureen Bryan and Bill Oostydk on reaching enough points to enter the OSA Hall of Fame in the Player category!

If anyone has concerns, please refer them to OSA Keeper-Of-Records, Shirley Bryan.

OSA Amateur Points 2019.pdf

OSA Expert Points 2019.pdf

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Another year of shuffleboard OSA tournaments , come to an end, as Blenheim finishes off our year, with a successful 3 days of competition in their city.

Amateurs had 17 teams, looking for more next year as Blenheim sent out many strong players who came out swinging, many ended up in the finals. Congratulations to all these players, you made your club proud, and we were glad to make new friends with you all.

The open competition had 28 teams, and this too was rewarding to see. We realize that travel can be expensive, but we also need to get out and support all of our Ontario tournaments when we can. For what the club organizers of these tournaments do for us, is true dedication for the sport, and if not supported then it will fade away. Win or lose, we take home memories, laughter, new friendships, and acquaintances, and maybe a little money . It turns into little vacation in the end. All of which is rewarding to us all.

Roger Lellam, Pres. of Blenheim, and his many club helpers, ran a very organized tournament. Have you ever thought just how many people , and hours are involved running these tournaments? Thanks for the lunches , available each day, and our tournament director, Ruth Tate, once again calmly ran the tournament without a hitch.

Muriel Burnett , our web master, had all photos of winners online in a flash. Thanks ladies, you do not go unnoticed.

Mark your calendar, Sept. 9th, Apple Tournament, St. Marys.

Regards – Maureen Bryan-sec. OSA, – Carl Rogerson-Pres. OSA.

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