Tournament Director(s) Needed

As it is noted we have lost our long time tournament director, Marlene Corbeil, as she has retired from this position.
We are now looking to train new people for this position, and have someone that will do this for us. Please reply to me if you are interested, and I would like to see at least a few to help out . We would start out learning on a paper format, and we will arrange a class in early spring. Please don’t be afraid to try , we can’t run a tournament without a director. I hope I get lots of interest.

Thanks in advance,
Maureen Bryan, sec. OSA.

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Thanks to Maureen from OSA

The OSA would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Marlene Corbeil for her years of work with the organization. As she has stepped down from her positions with the OSA , we wish her the best . We know she has given many years as our tournament director and other positions in the organization. She is now able to proceed with other endeavours and maybe even get to be a player. Her position will be hard to fill, but we can only try our best.

Good luck Marlene, from your friends of the OSA.

Regards Maureen Bryan, sec. OSA.

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Partner(s) Needed by Jack Thorne

Jack Thorne (Expert) needs a partner for Elora and Blenheim. Please call Jack at 289-836-9506.

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2022 OSA Sanctioned Tournaments – Corrected

Coldwater dates correction.

Note: All tournaments are played under ISA rules. Format is Doubles so you need a partner – No Partner? – See the Partner Needed page.. Amateurs may play in an Open tournament. Please see Tournament Notes and About OSA Tournaments.

Amateurs should plan for two to three days at our tournaments. ALSO you may play in both the Amateur AND the Open IF …:
Amateur tournaments start on a Tuesday (but not the Ingersoll CNSA), and if participation is high, finals have to be played on the next day. If you are an Amateur you should plan for at least two days because you might have to play in the final rounds on the second day (You have skillfully won your way into the finals and your tournament did not complete on the first day.) Otherwise, you got knocked out of the Amateur tournament on the first day (lost twice) so you are free to play in the Open (starts 2nd day), AND you might even advance to play in the Open finals on day 3!


May 30th – June 1st
Ingersoll Arena, 97 Mutual S. Ingersoll, ON
Amateurs – Mon. May 30 – Tue. May 31 _(Note the Monday start)
Open – Tues. May 31 – June 1 _(Note the Tuesday start)

June 7th – 9th
ELORA Amateur and Open (Centre Weillington S. C.)
Elora Curling Club, 60 David Street, Elora, Ontario
Amateurs – Tues. June 7 – Wed. Jun. 8
Open – Wed. June 8 – Thu. Jun. 9

July 5th – 7th
9 Michael Anne Dr., Coldwater, Ontario
Amateur- Tues. Jul. 5 – Wed. Jul. 6.
Open – Wed. Jul. 6 – Thu. Jul. 7.  

August 9th – 11th
430 Catherine St W., Blenheim, ON (Golden Acres Curling Club)
Amateur – Tues. Aug. 9 – Wed. Aug. 10.
Open – Wed. Aug.. 10 – Thu. Aug. 11.

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Birthday Wishes from Ontario Shuffleboard

Sent from Maureen Bryan

OSA members send best wishes to Ella Rogerson, wife of President Carl Rogerson, for her 90th birthday, what a milestone!

Ella has been by his side , travelling to all shuffleboard tournaments for many years, as a supportive member. We wish her a very joyful day with family and friends.
Regards Maureen Bryan, secretary OSA.

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Tips for *Our* Game (Frame-games)

Almost ALL of our shuffleboard games in Ontario and Canada are commonly limited to short, 12 or 16 frames. Tournaments are played according to ISA rules which specify a game to be 16 frames. A different strategy is needed compared to the 75-point games in Florida etc. Take note that these tips, even if you NEVER play 75-po9int games, will help you WIN!

The following is fun information and tips, content originated by the great Lary Feris, are taken from the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club website – .

  • If you are playing yellow, it’s important to try to keep from getting behind by more than one score at the end of the 10th frame, so you can possibly win by scoring with your last two hammers.
  • If you are playing black, you should try to get out to a big lead with your first two hammers and try to maintain a two block lead or better through your last hammers (9th & 10th frames).
  • Because game points are recorded, tacking on score when you are safely ahead is preferred to clearing. Snuggling can be a good tactic for adding on score, especially when you have the hammer. Snuggling eights is a good choice with less chance of being “kitchened”.
    (Ed. Note: It is unusual to record game points in Ontario. If you are ahead, don’t take the risk of losing by kitchening yourself with your last shot)
  • Covering ten-offs is also a good tactic in these short frame games, especially if you are behind and you need to get your opponent going in the wrong direction. At the very least it can kill a frame and possibly cause a lost hammer.

Visit the Zephyrhills website:

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Jim Corbeil’s Induction into CNSA Hall Of Fame by Norm Lindsay, 2021 09 10, at the 7th IP in Bridgewater NS

Ontario’s own, from Ingersoll, is inducted into CNSA Hall Of Fame – Presidents Category

CNSA Shuffleboard Canada

Jim Corbel became 3rd Vice President of the CNSA in 2010; he moved up through the vice presidents and became President in July of 2016, following Past President, Henry Strong.
In the years working with Jim, we’ve learned he is a good communicator, keeping everyone abreast with the goings on within the CNSA.
Jim has been involved in the planning of many tournaments in Canada, three CNSA Inter provincials: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 2017, Ingersoll, Ontario 2019 and here in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia 2021 and an ISA, in High River, Alberta in 2018 and now planning another ISA tournament for 2022 in Ingersoll/Woodstock, Ontario. Jim has definitely, been instrumental in promoting CNSA tournaments, from the east (Nova Scotia), central (Ontario) and the west Saskatchewan and Alberta. That is quite an achievement from 2016 to 2021!

Jim has worked hard at promoting the CNSA, everywhere he has travelled, whether in Canada or…

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Sad news – Al Wilson passed September 20th.

Many of us knew Al Wilson and we send our condolences to his wife Barb and their family. Al died of cancer September 20th. Al was a well known shuffler in Ontario,having been president of the Scugog Shuffleboard Club for a number of years. Al and wife Barb were also well known in Florida where AL played and was a tournament director for a shuffleboard league in Fort Myers, where Al and Barb vacationed together for 20 winters.

Thanks to Myrna Bilton for this link to the notification-

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Good News! Shuffle Club returns to play

From Roger Kellam

Blenheim’s Golden Acres Shuffle Club started up their shuffleboard program the week of July 19 as a result of the Province’s move to Step 3. Our first week saw 72 members register to play over the next 9 weeks. The club had to spread out game days over 2 days (Monday & Tuesday mornings) to handle all registrants to ensure social distancing was maintained at all times. In addition, a Wednesday night program will also be provided.

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2021 IP – Team Selections

In response to a question, here are the Ontario Team members again (first posted March 8th 2021).

Ontario Shuffleboard News and Information


Linda O’Conner
Dotty Koert
Linda Armstrong
Maureen Bryan>

Roy Babcock
Jim Corbeil
Norm Lindsay
Bill Bryan

Dawn Hammond
Bev. Fowler
Bernice Lindsay
Muriel Burnett

Carl Rogerson
Bill Boyes
Murray Burnett
Ray Hammond

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