Hall Of Fame

This page lists those exceptional people who have been honoured by induction into the Ontario Shuffleboard Association Hall Of Fame.




Chris Stutzmann  *1994President 1984 – 1994
Chris Stutzmann  *1994Player
Maurice Baker  *1995Player
Austin McDonald1995Player
Muriel Wiseman1996Player
Ken Graydon  *1997President 1994 – 1996
Sandy Myers1999President 1996 – 1998
Diana May2002Player
Fred Muehlebach2003Player
Bob Compton  *2003President 1998 – 2002
Joe Del Mastro  *2003Player
Mary  Button2004Player
Ronald Curts2006Player
Grant Boshart  *2007Player
Max Tate2007Player
Al Weeks2008Player
Henry Van Dorp  *2008Player
Henry Van Dorp  *2011President 2002 – 2010
George O’Reilly2013President 2010 – 2012
Lorraine Pollock  *2013Special Awards
Bill Pollock *2013Special Awards
Durelle Kowacz2014Special Awards
Gary Pipher2014Special Awards
Peter Berg2016Player                (Added Photo)
Glen Peltier2016Player
Myrna Bilton2017Player
Roy Babcock2017Player
George Admiral2018Player
Maureen Bryan2018Special Awards
Hubert van Eerd2018Special Awards
Rendall Bilton2019President 2012 – 2018  (+Photo)
Carl Rogerson2019Player
Maureen Bryan  2020Player (photo)
Bill Oostdyk 2020Player (photo)
John and Lenore Holder2022Special
Marlene Corbeil2022Special
Carl Rogerson *2022President
Added words on 70th Wedding Anniversary.

* Denotes deceased HOF member.

Details and pictures of the induction ceremonies are available by clicking on any underlined names above. We will provide all possible updates. If you have information or photos of past inductions please make a comment at the bottom of this web-page, or contact the OSA president or the OSA webmaster – shuffleboardbill@gmail.com. 

2018-08-11 Created this New Page for better links to pictures and presentations.  Previous PDF version- _OSA HOF list

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