Ontario Shuffleboard History

2011 01 01 – This Article by Sandy Myers has been sent along by Stan McCormack and Alf Primeau, formerly of The Shuffler (website). The Article was published in The Shuffler in 2006, and now resides in the CNSA website theshufflersnews/.. ../.

Footnotes by Bill Boyes follow:

Sandy’s vision and hard work was evident on his website (in place until about 2014, now unavailable)  called The World of Shuffleboard, and was probably the very first website devoted to shuffleboard!  It had a global scope and illustrated the national flags and players involved in the first international  tournaments.  For OSA history, please click on  Notes about World-of-Shuffleboard as taken from that website.

I believe The World of Shuffleboard it must have spurred the Florida folks to get cracking and create their own sites (the FSA and Allen-R-Shuffleboard). The last updates to The World Of Shuffleboard seem have been circa 2002. Then came The Shuffler (www.theshuffler.org) a phenomenal website by Al and Stan, and recognized internationally. It became a major source of Canadian, American and International shuffling news and information for everyone.

When The Shuffler was shut down in May of 2010, it spurred the almost immediate birth of two websites created by Bill Boyes (the writer of this piece), for The Ontario Shuffleboard Association and the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.  Then the ISA website sprang up in October of 2010. When it was realized there was a significant demand to get some news articles reported quickly, the CNSA sponsored the creation of the web-log The Shufflers News which took over from the previous CNSA website in June 2012. The OSA website made a similar move to ShuffleON.org.

Dear reader: If you have any further information or pictures relevant to Ontario shuffleboard history, we would be very interested in talking to you. Please contact me, Bill Boyes, at 905-839-0872 or email shuffleboardbill@gmail.com

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