If you’re looking for a partner please comment below and include the following information:

We will post the information on the main part of the website.

When you do find a partner Please comment below AND comment on the posting about you’re looking for a partner. Thanks,,

7 Responses to Partner-Needed

  1. Ernie Thomas says:

    My name is Ernie Thomas from Niagara Falls On. I’m a Amateur looking for a partner for the 2022 season list of Tournaments. My email is or my phone number is 1-905 262 0002.
    Thanks Ernie.

  2. Trevor Martin says:

    Trevor Martin, an amateur is looking for a partner to play in the Open portion of the Coldwater tournament. Please contact me at: Cell is: 416-433-1515

  3. Gary Sorko says:

    My name is Gary Sorko. I am an expert looking for a partner for the Chatham tournament on May 24, 2023. If you are interested please call me at 519-243-1665 or email me at Thank you.

  4. Gary Sorko says:

    I have found a partner for the Chatham tournament. Thank you, Gary Sorko

  5. Shufflin' Bill B says:

    Mike Milne has found a partner for Elora 2023.

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