Here is a list of shuffleboard players needing a partner for various tournaments over the next few months. Further instructions at the bottom.

  • INGERSOLL May 28 – 29. Gary Sorko – Expert –  519-243-1665  email

 LOOKING FOR A PARTNER? – Look in the list above. See there an interesting entry? Call the contact that person, and if you decide to play together,  email me so I can take the name off the list. If you do not are see someone you could play with, just fill in the comment box below or email, with the tournament you want to play in,  your name, phone# and any other information you fell might help.  We will not publish your email or phone number unless included it in the information you provide. (At lease one or the other would be helpful though.) Please note that we are just trying to help out, and  cannot guarantee results.

2 Responses to Partner-Needed

  1. Bill B says:

    Evan: I’m very sorry not to have responded sooner. By now it is too late for the May (and June) tournament, but there is one coming up in Nobel. A cue will be available for you to borrow. It’s lots of fun. I you have any more questions please email me directly –

  2. Gary Sorko says:

    In need of an expert partner for the Ingersoll tournament, May 28th,29th. You can email or call me at 519-243-1665. Thank you

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