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This page lists all known shuffleboard clubs and locations where shuffleboard is played in Ontario. If yours is not listed below, please email information to


If you are looking for a shuffleboard club or site in your area, the list below is ordered by postal code. Click on any club name to see the details we have on file. To help you find shuffleboard courts in Ontario, we include seniors centres etc. where we believe shuffleboard is played. In the list below, senior’s clubs etc are marked with “(SR)”. Please note that senior centres etc. may not have full-sized courts and “proper” rules, but will offer fun and friends. Contacting a recreation department of your local municipality may be helpful for finding shuffleboard in your area.

Note: Details about upcoming OSA Events and tournament results
are located on the Events and Results page.

CLUBS and Sites.

* Please update us: Club Presidents/Secretaries etc. – Please send information with any new contact names and numbers & e-mail addresses, and any tournaments you would like others to know about. We would be glad to include instructions for getting to your club, and even a link to your club or town website. E-mail your info to

Typical information that people looking for shuffleboard would like to have about your club:

Address – Name of building or facility, street address, room# if any.
* Schedule – Weekdays and times that shuffleboard is played.
* Season – Yearly startup date, close-down date (approximate).
* Play – “Mingles Doubles” (No partner needed, draw for court and partner), etc.
* Cost – Annual fee, membership, fee per-use. Additional fees such as for parking.

* Refreshments available? BYO-Lunch?

* Equipment – are cues and other equipment provided?
* Facility – number of courts.
* Size of Courts – Standard (39 x 6 feet), or Compact (other)
* Court Surface – vinyl rollout, concrete (curling rink floor), tiled, etc.
* Any other information such as planned events, tournaments, etc.
* Contact Person – Name, phone, email.

7 Responses to Club Information

  1. shirley.monger says:

    i would like all information of shuffling sent to me at my email much app.

    • Bill B says:

      Thanks Shirley. You should have an email sent to you by WordPress. Please follow the instructions in the email and you will be added to the list of people who get notified by email of all new shuffleboard news items. Please let us know if this does not work for you.

  2. Don says:

    When does Goderich startup for 2017

  3. Shelagh says:

    Is there any shuffleboard club on or in east York?

    • Bill B says:

      Shelagh – thanks for your question to The Ontario Shuffleboard Association (OSA). The closest club to East York that we know of, is the Scarborough Shuffleboard Club. Below is a link to the club info. That is where I play, as a matter of fact. There is probably shuffleboard play in several other spots, but that will be part of a municipal seniors organization who have not made themselves known to the OSA.
      <a href="Scarborough Shuffleboard Club Info",

  4. Ray Labelle says:

    Are there any shuffleboard clubs in Ottawa or anywhere east of Ottawa

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