The Ontario Shuffler

For the years 2008 – 2012, it was my pleasure and pride to produce The Ontario Shuffler, newsletter of the Ontario Shuffleboard Association. – Bill Boyes

The Ontario Shuffler was the printed newsletter of the Ontario Shuffleboard Association. It ceased publication after the 2012 issue, because the OSA website* contained all of the content of the formerly printed (and mailed) newsletter.  Bill Boyes continues (2018) with the website – See the the 2013 AGM minutes Web Master report.

Economics: The printed newsletter was formerly mailled to all OSA members. Beginning in 2009, an e-mailed version was introduced for those OSA members with a valid email address on file, at no cost to the OSA. Canada Post was used to send a paper copy to those without email, at a total cost of about  $1.70 each including production, printing, and mailing.

* In 2010, Bill Boyes obtained approval of the OSA Board to initiate the OSA website, theontario The website was changed to in 2012.

Here are links to back issues of The Ontario Shuffler (2008-2012), and its predecessor, The Shuffler (2004 and 2000).


10 Responses to The Ontario Shuffler

  1. Walter White says:

    Great summar and a great time with the folks of Fergus Walts

  2. roger shelswell says:

    Where can I lpay shuffleboard near Barrie Ontario

  3. Cyndi Lefaive says:

    where can you play around Chatham-Kent?

  4. Felix Jannes says:

    My wife and I would like to play in mixed doubles or any doubles, are there tournements we could enter?

    • Bill B says:

      Yes – please see the website Black Bar menu items and rest your cursor on Events, then click on “2016”. If this does not work for you please let me know. Thanks,

    • Bill B says:

      Hello Felix – We have re-posted our 2016 tournament schedule, so you should see it near the top of the Home page, or in the “Recently Posted” list on the top right side.

  5. Paul Heath says:

    Does anyone have winter courts near Tillsonburg

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