Bylaws and Meetings

This page contains links to available OSA Documents – currently Constitution and Bylaws, Minutes of Meetings, attachments, and records of Awards. Please click on any underlined item to see that document.

Constitution and Bylaws: – OSA Const and Bylaws 2018-06 

Minutes and Reports:

Minutes of OSA AGM June 14, 2022.   Year-End (2021-09-30) Financial Report.

Minutes for OSA AGM June 11, 2019.     Year-End (2018-09-30) Financial Report for AGM.

Minutes of OSA AGM June 12, 2018
Minutes for OSA AGM June 14, 2017
Minutes 2016-06-29 (Goderich)
Minutes 2016-06-14       2015-09-30 Treasurer’s Report (fiscal year-end)
Minutes 2015-06-09….2015-06-09 Treasurer’s Report (interim)
Minutes 2014.07.15      2014 Treasurer’s Report
_______________..Report on Tournament Format
_______________..Induction of Durelle Kowacz into OSA Hall Of Fame
_______________..Induction Of Gary Pipher into OSA Hall Of Fame
_______________..Report on New OSA Cargo Trailer – G. Pipher

Minutes of Special Meeting in Goderich, 2014-06-25.
Minutes 2013.09.04     2013 Treasurers Report
_______________  2013 HOF Inductions (O’Reilly) (Pollock)
Minutes 2012.07.17      2012.07.17 Treas-Rpt (attachment)
Minutes 2012.05.22 OSA Board (re interim adoption of CNSA playing rules)
Minutes 2011.07.09 OSA AGM
Minutes 2010.07.20 OSA AGM
Minutes 2009.07.21 OSA AGM

Minutes 2009.06.09 OSA Board Meeting

Minutes 2008.07.15 OSA AGM

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