Minutes of OSA board meeting at Goderich, June 29, 2016

Minutes of meeting of OSA board at Goderich, June 29, 2016

The OSA Board discussed the proposal of the following.

The $10.00 entry fee paid by each shuffler at an OSA Tournament ,

would be divided as such, $5.00 to prize money,
$2.00 to the OSA,
$1.50 to host club.
$1.50 to tourn. director.

This gives the OSA , a small amount of money from each tournament , to help them pay for tournaments in the future. If the OSA doesn’t save some funds coming in , then we will run out of money, and not be able to support these tournaments in the future.

This proposal was passed by the board, and will be in effect starting with the Coldwater Tournament of this year,

on July 12-14 , 2016. If there are any questions over this proposal, you can forward them to the Pres.Rendall Bilton,

but this decision will be brought up at next year’s AGM., but as of now it is a confirmed decision.

Regards Rendall Bilton, Pres. OSA
Maureen Bryan, Sec.OSA.

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