About Us

This webpage is to tell you about us – The Ontario Shuffleboard Association Inc. (OSA). Hence the website name: ShuffleON.

Here are the  Board members with addresses and phone numbers.

Here is a list of OSA meeting Minutes, Attachments, and Awards.

Here is What we do and How we do it.

5 Responses to About Us

  1. Elaine Delaney says:

    Do you have the Shuffleboard Rules in print anywhere. We have a club at Kettle Point and would like to adopt the offical rules for Ontario. Thanks in advance. Elaine

  2. Elaine Delaney says:

    Thanks Bill – don’t know if our group will adhere to these rules but will try them and see what happens.

  3. Bill B says:

    Further email sent to Elaine has briefly described Hoss-Collar and Single-Mingles.

  4. Wayne shannon says:

    We are a retirement community and looking in to put in shuffle courts in port perry ontario does anybody know the cost of building 6 out door courts .I have to present this to our board of directors so I could really use your help

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