Player Points

This web page is about the OSA player points system and provides links to the latest Player Points lists for Amateurs and Experts.

osa amateur points 2018      osa expert points 2018

OSA Amateur Points 2017    OSA Expert Points 2017

About Player Points

The OSA maintains point standings for players finishing in 5th-position or better, in OSA-sanctioned tournaments as follows:

Points for Amateurs playing in an AMATEUR or OPEN Tournament:
– Main: 1st or 2nd – 1 point; 3rd or 4th – 1/2 point.
– Consolation 1st (5th overall) – 1/2 point.
An Amateur becomes an Expert after accumulating five points as above from various tournaments. (To see the current Amateur Points, click that link above.)

Points for Experts playing in an OPEN Tournament:
– Main: 1st – 4 pts; 2nd – 3 pts; 3rd – 2 pts; 4th – 1 pt;
– Consolation: 1st (5th overall) – 1 pt.

An Expert becomes eligible for the OSA Hall Of Fame after reaching thirty five points. (For the current Expert Points, click that link above.)

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