This Ontario Shuffleboard Association page lists links to shuffleboard websites of interest to Ontario shufflers. For Ontario Clubs go to the Clubs page via the above menu. If you know of any other links we should include, please fill in a Comment below or email (Exception: To save duplicated entries, International and National links are only provided on the CNSA website TheShufflersNews/Links.)


COLDWATER Shuffleboard Club

CNSA – The Shufflers News (which has many other shuffleboard links, and had information about Canadian shuffleboard clubs outside Ontario).
* ALBERTAAlberta Canadian Shuffleboard Association (Innisfail Club)

USA (Requested State Associations and Shuffleboard Clubs)
FLORIDA Florida Shuffleboard Association (FSA – has links to District Associations)
FSA-West Coast District
Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club (CMSC)
Zephyrhills  Shuffleboard Club (ZSC)
ARIZONA Arizona Shuffleboard Association (ASA).

6 Responses to Links

  1. Pat Lane says:

    Texas Link must have been changed. This is the one I have :
    I have found a lot of info on your site. Great work and Thanks

  2. Pat Lane says:

    Woops: Website name is wrong (Senior moment)
    it is

  3. Bill B says:

    Thanks Evan re Texas – changed Dec 12, 2017, per your comment.

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