Maureen Corbeil to OSA HOF

Presented by Maureen Bryan June 14, 2022

Marlene Corbeil – 2022 OSA HOF

Marlene was introduced to shuffleboard in Frostproof, Florida in 2010. At first she wasn’t keen on the game but her husband Jim really liked it. After a few months playing in Florida and Ontario, Marlene began playing in tournaments.

In 2011 she was asked to play in the first interprovincial tournament , which was held in Innisfail, Alberta. Since then Marlene played in 3 other interprovincial tournaments, one in Dieppe in 2013, Goodrich in 2015, and Moose Jaw in 2017. She also was director for the one held in Ingersoll, in 2019 , but unfortunately on the day of play Marlene became very ill and we nearly lost her. With the grace of God and great doctors she fought back. She then was the director for the 6th Interprovincial, held in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, in 2021 , when things opened up somewhat after the lockdown with Covid-19.

In the meantime , Marlene also played , representing Canada, in 6 international shuffleboard tournaments which consisted travelling to st. Petersburg, Florida in 2013; Midland in 2014; Clearwater, Florida in 2015, where she placed in the top 15; St. Cloud, Florida in 2016, Brazil in 2017 were she placed in the top 4; and then High River, Alberta in 2018.

In 2014, Lorraine Pollock , tournament director at the time, approached Marlene, to see if she would take over being a tournament director. She thought since her husband wanted to play in the tournaments, she could be there still involved in the games. Lorraine stepped down and Marlene stepped into the position as tournament director of the OSA and CNSA tournaments from 2015-2021.
She has served on several board positions over the years, CNSA board of directors, OSA rules committee and Hall Of Fame chairperson , she also helped her husband , Jim when he was the CNSA president.

Marlene was president of Winter Haven, Florida Shuffleboard Club for 5 years. Working along side of the Winter Haven City, she managed to have 24 courts, resurfaced and painted. She then organized and directed Central District park amateur team championships , for 7 years. There were 15 parks entered in each tournament. Marlene was also curator for the Hall Of Fame in Winter Haven, Florida as well as director for the Hall Of Fame Classic Tournament for 6 years.

As well as directing tournaments , Marlene also ran monthly single mingles for Ingersoll, St Mary’s, and London’s shuffleboard clubs. She also ran the annual Apple Tournament for Southern Ontario .
Marlene has been a great inspiration for new players and has gone out of her way to teach and assist in any way she could.

Marlene is a very accomplished shuffler herself, and a caring and well respected ambassador for the game of shuffleboard, here at home , as well as abroad.

It is my privilege to introduce our friend and fellow shuffler, as she is inducted into the Ontario Shuffleboard Association , Hall Of Fame, Marlene Corbeil.

Presented by Maureen Bryan, secretary OSA. June 14-2022.

Maureen Bryan and Marlene Corbeil
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