What We DO and How

What we do
(1) The OSA (officially “Ontario Shuffleboard Association Inc.”) promotes and sponsors shuffleboard tournaments for everyone in Ontario, that are open to all players, and that are planned so we can all meet together in an atmosphere or fun and good fellowship. We encourage less experienced players to participate in our tournaments in an “Amateur” division for them alone, so they may compete with some chance of success and enjoyment at their own skill level.
(2) We keep records of individual player’s tournament results so that (a) beginners (“Amateurs”) can be “promoted” to Experts after demonstrated tournament success, and (b) more skilled players (“Experts”) can be identified, and awarded Hall-Of-Fame status.
(2) We promote shuffleboard in Ontario, Canada, by providing this website /  blog to tell everyone about what is happening and what has happened shuffleboard-wise in our province.
(3) We inform you of interesting shuffleboard news from outside the province.
(4) We will provide instructional articles for learning shuffleboard, or improving your play.
(5) We maintain the Ontario shuffleboard playing rules, familiar and acceptable to the broadest possible group of players.
(6) We conduct the affairs of the OSA relying on volunteers to stand for election to a two-year term of office, as voted by members of the OSA.

How we do it
The OSA  makes arrangements with various shuffleboard clubs in the province to hold three to four tournaments in Ontario every year. The OSA works closely with the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association (CNSA) to host and support inter-provincial and international shuffleboard events. The OSA closely conforms to CNSA  playing rules. The OSA provides this web-log/web-site (which now contains all the information previously published yearly in the newsletter). The OSA board members communicate with each other on a routine basis, and hold at least one General Meeting every year to which all members are invited.

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