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This webpage is to tell who to call if you want to talk to someone about the OSA (officially The Ontario Shuffleboard Association Inc.).

2018 osa board

7 Responses to Contact Us

  1. larry roegiest says:

    we live in Wyoming on and would like to join the shuffle in on cause we shuffle all winter in texas. please advise as to how we join the club

  2. Jeff Mitchell says:

    My name is Jeff Mitchell. I live in Barrie and have a summer property in Muskoka, where we have an outdoor 40′ shuffleboard court. It is a cement base, but has detroiated over the years. Approx. 15 years ago we obtained a roll up rubber/vinyl surface, but unfortunately it too has detoriated and needs replacing.
    I believe the new format of the Click poly tiles would work best in our setting.
    I was just speaking to Carl Rogerson, and he graciously suggested that I should be connecting with Bill Boyes. Which is the purpose of this message. My number is 705-734-5648 / email –
    Since we only use the court recreationally, I am somewhat challenged to purchase a new one for $1,250 plus. Therefore if you could post on your site my request / offer to purchae a slightly used Poly Click surface that would be greatly appreciated. At this stage I truly won’t need til next spring; so if you are aware of a playing surface that is available either new or used for under $1,000 that would be greatly appreciated.

  3. breanne says:

    Do you know of any outdoor shuffleboard courts in Ontario (and if at all possible closer to Hamilton) that are available to play on?

  4. Drew Riedstra says:

    Can you recommend a company to install a floor shuffleboard court in the GTA?

    • Bill B says:

      Drew – we recommend DOM SPORTS for shuffleboard courts. They have roll-out courts which are very good. I have shuffled on courts built into linoleum flooring but I cannot find any reference to a manufacturer or installer. There are snap-together courts available from our sponsor,
      DOM Sports – website is Please keep us informed of your success finding the kind of courts you need.
      Bill Boyes (shuffleboardbill

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