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This webpage is to tell who to call if you want to talk to someone about the OSA (officially The Ontario Shuffleboard Association Inc.).

2018 osa board

6 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Bill B says:

    Hi Larry – I’m glad you are enjoying winter shuffleboard in TX. SHuffleON is the Ontario Shuffleboard Association, which looks after shuffleboard in Ontario (ON), Canada. To find out more about USA shuffleboard, I suggest visiting the National Shuffleboard Association links page – You would also be welcome to come up to visit us in Canada this summer – see

  2. Jeff Mitchell says:

    My name is Jeff Mitchell. I live in Barrie and have a summer property in Muskoka, where we have an outdoor 40′ shuffleboard court. It is a cement base, but has detroiated over the years. Approx. 15 years ago we obtained a roll up rubber/vinyl surface, but unfortunately it too has detoriated and needs replacing.
    I believe the new format of the Click poly tiles would work best in our setting.
    I was just speaking to Carl Rogerson, and he graciously suggested that I should be connecting with Bill Boyes. Which is the purpose of this message. My number is 705-734-5648 / email –
    Since we only use the court recreationally, I am somewhat challenged to purchase a new one for $1,250 plus. Therefore if you could post on your site my request / offer to purchae a slightly used Poly Click surface that would be greatly appreciated. At this stage I truly won’t need til next spring; so if you are aware of a playing surface that is available either new or used for under $1,000 that would be greatly appreciated.

  3. breanne says:

    Do you know of any outdoor shuffleboard courts in Ontario (and if at all possible closer to Hamilton) that are available to play on?

  4. Drew Riedstra says:

    Can you recommend a company to install a floor shuffleboard court in the GTA?

    • Bill B says:

      Drew – we recommend DOM SPORTS for shuffleboard courts. They have roll-out courts which are very good. I have shuffled on courts built into linoleum flooring but I cannot find any reference to a manufacturer or installer. There are snap-together courts available from our sponsor,
      DOM Sports – website is Please keep us informed of your success finding the kind of courts you need.
      Bill Boyes (shuffleboardbill

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