Contact Us

This webpage is to tell who to call if you want to talk to someone about the OSA (officially The Ontario Shuffleboard Association Inc.).

List of names, email ids, addresses, telephone numbers: 2014-2016 Board Contacts

OSA Board 2014 – 2018 (BRIEF – Board-Position, Name, Email, Tel#) below

President Rendall Bilton
Tel: 519 787 0131  FLA Tel: 239 997 4896

1st VP Carl Rogerson
Tel: 705 497 7549

2nd VP Jim Howard
Tel: 519 524 5038

Secretary Maureen Bryan
Tel: 519 787 9988  FL Tel: 239-656-0951

Treasurer Ray Hammond E-mail:via OSA Secretary
Tel: 905-877-6790  FL Tel: 239-995-6533

Tournament Marlene Corbeil

Director – Membership Bev Fowler
Tel: 705 429 1073

Director George Admiral
Tel:  905-701-4634

Past President George O´Reilly
Tel: 705 325 3429

Keeper Of Records Shirley Brian
Tel: 519-843-7510  FL Tel: 239-652-6690

Webmaster Bill Boyes
Tel: 905 839 0872

Committee Chairpersons

Hall Of Fame – Myrna Bilton

Rules and Regulations – Marlene Corbeil

Nomination Committee – George O’Reilly

2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. larry roegiest says:

    we live in Wyoming on and would like to join the shuffle in on cause we shuffle all winter in texas. please advise as to how we join the club

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