A New Beginning

Hello everyone. This is the alternative Ontario Shuffleboard home page. We aim to make it even better than the other Ontario Shuffleboard website, which is currently off the air due apparently to technical difficulties since June 9th, originating with the service provider, Web Hosting World. means we must  take the steps to begin to replace the old OSA website – beginning with an immediate focus on information about this summer’s tournaments and results.

Why the change from previous “The Ontario Shuffler” web pages? After two years of providing us with good service, our hosting service provider (Web Hosting World)  took us off the air immediately after accepting our money ($27.00) for the coming year. Some excuses were provided, including “server problems” but now, just silence.  The OSA website has been off the air for a week, and it appears that Web-Hosting-World does not care. Hopefully WHW can get things working again, otherwise we must permanently switch to a more reliable hosting services company – in this case WordPress.

WordPress has a good track record – reliable service to The Shufflers News for CNSA  Shuffleboard Canada, plus The Coronado/Mainland Shuffler.

So this is it, for now. The “About Us” page is in place, and the Events page which shows the upcoming Ontario tournaments. Click on either menu item located in the “black bar” menu above. Tournament results and other news will be posted via the Home page, and a list of all articles posted is shown on the right sidebar.

The next step is to post information about Ontario Shuffleboard Clubs.

Please make any comments in the box provided below, or email to bill.boyes@bell.net, of shuffleboardbill@gmail.com.

Cheers, Bill Boyes

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1 Response to A New Beginning

  1. Bill B says:

    Sometime on June 20, following 11 days of complaining from me (Bill Boyes), the OSA’s “mysteriously disappearing website” http://www.theontarioshuffler.org, came back on the air. There was no explanation or apology, just a brief email from the hosting service provider simply saying that the domain had been renewed.

    Meantime, ongoing discussions with OSA President George O’Reilly had concluded that the hosting company was unreliable, and the OSA should find another. Based on recent experience with the CNSA’s “The Shufflers News” (theshufflersnews.wordpress.com) I recommended the OSA should use WordPress. Hence the birth of this website – shuffleon.org, hosted by WordPress.

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