Coldwater Results (copied)

Here are the Results from the CNSA Doubles in Coldwater May 22 – 24 (copied from the old OSA website)

May 22-23 – AMATEUR – 

Main Event
1st Norma Johnston and Bob Read.
2nd John and Ria wilson.
3rd Charles and Shirley Bryan
4th Joanne and George Clark.

1st Lois and Bob Dobbie
2nd Karen and Ross Quanz
3rd Larry and Lynne Routley
4th Bill and Marie Kinnear

 May 23 – 24 – OPEN

Main Event
1st George Admiral and Rosemary Otmar
2nd Jack Thorne and Ross Pipher
3rd Myrna Bilton and Roy Babcock
4th Bob and Maddy Nobels

1st William and Maureen Bryan
2nd Roy and Doreen Norman
3rd Al Weeks and Jim Howard
4th Nancy McLean and Doris Bumstead

Tournament Director – Lorraine Pollock 


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