Woodstock – Lunch.

Thanks George. Basically, the message is that as far as we know, NO LUNCH WILL BE AVAILABLE AT WOODSTOCK. You are advised to pick up your own lunch before you get there in the morning. One of the two Subway Sanwitch shops may be convenient, as shown on the attached map (jpg file).

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  1. Bill B says:

    And Furthermore! ……
    (1) I do know how to spell “sandwich”.
    (2) George had replied to my question to confirm the non-availablilty of lunch at Wwoodstock. To9urnament director Lorraine Polley wants players to be aboe to have their lunch in 20 minutes if required – She needs to be able to keep the tournament on schedule. .There will probably not be time to go out of the building in order to get lunch.

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