Scugog Shuffleboard Club Tournament Results

Hi Al – It was a lot o fun!

As I will not be there to play on Wednesday (playing in Woodstock), please tell everyone about the new OSA website where this news is posted – “”.

I am re-building the clubs list on right now. Take a look – You may be happly to see that “SCC” was the first entry! (only because of “B”lackstock”). everyone should hit the “+Follow” button to get automatically notified when news is posted. There is no need to log on or give any personal information.

Cheers, Bill

Subject: Scugog Shuffleboard Club Tournament Results
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 13:01:09 -0400

Hi Scugog Shufflers:
Thanks to all who showed up on time to play our most recent tournament. We had 28 players and we played 5 matches of 12 frames with colour change mid way through each game. This was a “mingle singles” format with one group starting play at the foot and one group playing first at the head. “Margin of Victory” points were used to determine winners where there were ties. Only three members were repeat winners. Congratulations to all who participated.

Winners who started play at the foot. 1. Don Waldie – 5 wins
2. Norm Frank – 4 wins – (+167)
3. Val Priebe – 4 wins – (+37)
4. Bob Davies – 3 wins – (+189)
Three other players had 3 wins Audrey Middleton (+130), Ann Balson (+69) and Ken Rohrer (+43)

Winners who started play at the head. 1. Will Capeling – 5 wins
2. John Heron – 4 wins (+190)
3. Larry Spires – 4 wins (+171)
4. Barb Wilson – 4 wins (+103)
Two others were close behind with 3 wins each. Cathie Hurst (+205) and Rip VanGinkel (+87)

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