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This posting is now updated with information missed from Maureen’s report due to a problem at this end.
An automatic slideshow of Fergus and St Marys playes is shown immediately below the players’ names.
St. Mary’s players are – Back row- Walt White, Larry Allison, Jim Corbeil, Herman Lansink, Carol Martin, George Holroxd, Irvine Moore, Don Hutchison.
  –  Mid row- Patrick McGregor, Roy Stock,  Marion Reyner, Marlene Corbeil, Trudy Rovers, Terry Martin, Frank Reyner.
  – Front row- Marie De Swart, Martine Vermeire, Dianne Carradine, Eileen Leslie, Ron Carradine., Bill Rovers.
Fergus players –  Back row- Gary Keating, Bob Archer, Murray Burnett, Jim Nevett, Ray Bernier, Charlie Killinger, Albert Blom, Dawn Hammond, Ray Hammond, Betty Mercer, Rendall Bilton (organizer-non player)
  – Front row-John & Lenore Holder(organizer-non players), Casey DeBoer, Muriel Burnett, Carol Ellen, Brenda Bernier, Judy Killinger, Linda O’Connor, Donna Blom, Shirley Bryan, Colette Brodie, Charles Bryan, Cliff Mercer, Myrna Bilton & Maureen Bryan-(organizers-non players.)

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From Maureen Bryan      
Fergus hosted an invitational fun tournament on Sept. 12/ 2012 with St. Mary’s as our guests. We filled 10 courts, 3 games in the morning, and 3 games in the afternoon , with lunch served between the sets, provided by Fergus. 

Our Fergus club encouraged our newer members from our club to play in this tournament, as many have never played outside their own club or have had minimal exposure to tournament play. This was to promote the game we love and to give them confidence , that what they have learned, was good enough to go out of their comfort zone, and compete with others. Win or lose , they were sure to have fun and meet many other shuffle friends. 

Our members said they had a great day and met up with some very talented shufflers, not realizing that most were well seasoned shufflers with years of experience , and some of them pros. Like they say, anyone can be beaten on any given day. Well our Fergus shufflers surprised themselves, with nervousness set aside , they played hard and won the tournament, 34.5 games to 25.5 games for St. Mary’s.

We just wanted them to have fun and meet our gracious friends from St. Mary’s. We are very proud of them and we are sure you will see them next year signing up for tournaments. We thank St. Mary’s for coming to our club, and they have invited us back next year to their club for a rematch. (or revenge)? Shuffle, what a great sport!

Maureen Bryan ( on behalf of the Fergus Club & pres. Rendall Bilton )

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