Scugog tournament results

Al Wilson reports resuolts of the Scugog club year-end tournament. I’ll add that it was fun! Thanks Al. To members: Don’t forget everyone – Wednesday the 26th is our end-of-year cleanup and put-away, with the pot-luck banquet and award presentations afterwards. See You there!
Cheers, Bill Boyes

Team D Team B Team F
Mariane Luke Ken Middleton Joan Middleton
Cathie Hurst Will Capeling Barb Wilson
George Evers Ken Rohrer Norm Frank
Joe Weinstock Len Van Schagen Carl Luke
Don Tucker Barb Spires Ron Middleton
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2 Responses to Scugog tournament results

  1. Bill B says:

    Team D was 1st, Team B was second, Team F third. Congratulations.
    The tournament was expertly set up by Al Wilson so each of the six teams was balanced with skilled players, and each player on each team played each of four games against someone of a similar skill level. Of course on any given day, .. yada yada yada, stupid court. … That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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