Help – Beads damage carpet

Dear Friends in Shuffleboard,
This Ontario group is in danger of being shut out (they have 2 courts) by their new condo board and they are looking for more ideas from the Shuffling community.
The dilemma is described below (Mr. Maze and Mrs. Brock).  I answered them as best I could.  Their Board is not satisfied. 
If anyone has another solution(s) please help or they risk losing their shuffling.
They are indeed using plastic beads, on roll our courts.
Thank you.  Marc
Marc Petruccelli – President
Dom Sports

Comments: Our Condo has an indoor shuffleboard court which has been used  by rolling it out over the carpeting in a common area.  The beads escape from the court and end up on the rug.  Vacuuming gets some of the beads but not all and apparently there is concern of damage being done to the carpet as the leftover beads get ground into the fibres.


Is there some  kind of underpad or lining that could be used under the court and which could extend beyond the edges of the court, in order to prevent the beads  from getting on the carpet?  If we don’t come up with a solution fast we may have to give up our winter shuffleboard activities.  Thanks for your  help.   Mrs. Brock

My response to the first enquiry from Mrs. Brock above:
I empathize and understand the dilemma and I have a couple of thoughts to share. 
If plastic beads are already being used then I may not have the answers you were looking for.  There is nothing specifically made for this situation.  That is, there is no shuffleboard related underpad or floor covering. 
You may already have thought about buying some indoor/outdoor carpeting that you would lay around the perimeter?  I would suggest at least 3 feet out all the way around.  You would not have to lay it underneath the court, at least more than an inch all around.  This would keep the costs down for this carpeting.
It may simply be that the vacuum is not picking up all the beads and investing in a higher end piece would help.  I hope I do not sound rude by saying that.  It may be the cheapest solution.

Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2012 10:58 AM    Subject: Glass Beads in Carpet

Good day, Marc;


I was recently in your store and warehouse to purchase some wax and other supplies for the rubber/vinyl indoor shuffleboard we use at our condo. Your own knowledge and that of your staff was very helpful.


I raised the subject of our issue with the plastic beads possibly getting into the carpet – I believe you had an earlier e-mail from one of our condo contacts, Donna Brock, on the matter.


You and I discussed alternatives and kicked around the use of alternative courts that did not require beads, plastic sheeting under and around the court to keep the beads off the carpet, a collection border of some type around the sheet, or, perhaps, a DYSON vacuum might do a better job.


Is it possible that you might post the problem into a forum somewhere and see if your one of your many contacts have a similar problem, and, even better, a viable solution?           Thanks, Marc,     Doug Maze

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1 Response to Help – Beads damage carpet

  1. brian fitzpatrick says:

    I shuffle in TX. We don’t bead the court. We have devices which wax the bottom of the discs after each game. I have played both and must confess I much prefer TX shuffle. Just a suggestion.

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