Kincardine Results

Submitted by Lorraine Pollock

Kincardine  –   Amateurs   June 25 -26/13

Main Event – 15 Teams

1st     Bill Godfrey    &         Eric Brown
2nd      Ross Quanz    &         Karen Quanz
3rd    Bill Kinnear    &         Marie Kinnear
4th    Ria Wilson      &         John Wilson


1st        Jessie Fledderus        &    Clara VanDerMeer
2nd        Beverly Fowler         &    George O’Reilly
3rd        Dick Lubbelinkhof   &    Barb    Pipher
4th        Mike Taylor               &    Diane   Taylor

Expert  –  Open

Main Event –  16 Teams

1st        Erika Berg               &     Peter Berg
2nd        George Admiral    &     Jack Thorne
3rd        Linda McRae         &     Roy Babcock
4th        Al Weeks                &      Art Scott


1st        Marjorie Taylor     &  Bill LeMay
2nd       Nancy MacLean   &  Doris Bumstead
3rd        Jim Corbeil           &   Marlene Corbeil
4th        Glenn Knetchel    &   Janet Knechtel

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