Results of Scugog Mingle Singles

And a good time was had bay all! Thanks Al Wilson for excellent organization and a fun tournament!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – — –Hi Folks: Here are the final results. I will have the summary sheets and the slips that were filled out by the players on Wednesday if anyone would like to check my figures.

Players who started at the foot. Nobody was able to win 4 games but six people won three games. Margin of victory points are then used to determine the order of finish.
1. Ann Balson +185
2. Bob Davies +138
3. John Heron +105
4. Nancy Bryans +66

5. Jack Rathwell +39
6. Adele McNamara +36

Players who started play at the head. Two people managed to win all four games and three others were able to win three of their games.
Margin of victory points were again used to determine order of finish.
1. Larry Spires +115
2. Ron Middleton + 88
3. Neil McLeod + 84 (three wins)
4. Barb Wilson + 74 (three wins)

5. Jim LeMoal + 55 (three wins)

Congratulation to all who participated in this tournament and thanks for signing up, showing up on time and for the cooperation during the tournament. Al Wilson

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