Ontario Shuffleboard clubs and activities

From: Maureen Bryan
10 September, 2013 9:00:06 AM EDT
OSA note

The OSA is promoting our game of shuffleboard in many ways. This year at our annual meeting, we proposed to try and inform those clubs who are not on our emailing list , be informed of the upcoming OSA tournaments in Ontario. Many shufflers do not know of the information out there so we are suggesting that if anyone is aware of shufflers in your area, shuffling in centres like senior buildings, or in other facilities, and have a president or contact of their own, please forward any information with emails or phone numbers of a contact to Carl Rogerson. He is attempting to contact as many areas as possible, anywhere in Ontario, to help promote our game of shuffle.
There are many places OSA has never heard of and you may not know we exist either, but we are certainly interested in you. Send any information to (suerogerson5248@gmail.com) this will reach Carl. We will send out our information with the upcoming tournaments for 2014. Happy shuffling! Respectfully Maureen Bryan ( sec. OSA )

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  2. Neil Findlay says:

    a A new club has been formed in Gananoque, Ontario. This is their first year of operation and they have big plans for next year including 12 to 16 courts painted on the arena floor. The contact is Ron Moran as

    Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 18:23:29 +0000 To: herb923@hotmail.com

  3. Neil Findlay says:

    Maureen, I tried to pass on info regarding the a new Gananoque Club but the email address for Mr Rogerson given apparently is not complete.The Gananoque Club is new this year and is being spearheaded by Ron Moran who is a member of the OSA. No doubt your records will include his email address. They recently hosted a small tournament there and I was surprised at the calibre of play displayed therin. They have have big plans for next season in the Gananoque Arena which will include painted courts on the arena floor. It is unfortunate that Napanee, Tweed and Picton can not seem to get enough sponsorship to hold a tournament down here in Eastern Ontario. We realise that travel costs and accommodations are a definite factor and no doubt this will not get better. We had a good thing going for a few years but found that for the most part nobody wanted to canvas the commercial sector in able to break even.

    Best regards Neil Findlay Past Pres. Napanee Shuffleboard Club

    Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 18:23:29 +0000 To: herb923@hotmail.com

  4. Bill B says:

    Carl Rogerson’s email – suerogerson5248@gmail.com. I will put up a new post for this.

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