Renfrew Club information

The Renfrew club information …

THE RENFREW Champlain Seniors. (164 Argyle St. Renfrew)

We are called the Champlain Seniors, and our group includes shuffleboard players and Euchre players.  We shuffle at the Air Force Association Bldg. 164 Argyle St., Renfrew, ON K7V 4A3, every Tuesday beginning at 13:00, (one o’clock!). Shuffling takes place in this same location ALL YEAR ROUND, winter and summer.

We invite you to come in and shuffle with us. New Members are Welcome! We provide free instruction if wanted.

There is good competition at our club: Some of us go to the Renfrew County Senior Games, and in the past few years, have bought home medals most of the time.  We have on two occasions, competed in the Eastern Ontario Senior Games, in Shuffleboard.  Previously we got the Gold Medal at Smith Falls, and also we played at Cornwall.

We are always trying to recruit new players to our shuffleboard group, and it has been growing over the past couple of years.

Contact for shuffleboard – Marg Crozier –

Updated 2018/07/06 re Marg Crozier email

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