2013 Player Points – Experts updated

Thanks to the sharp-eyed folks who reported some errors in the Expert Points List, KOR George O’Reilly has  reviewed the 2013 Expert tournament points and is   now re-issuing the 2013 Expert Player Points list for the end of the playing year, as attached -> 2013-09-25 Expert Player Points.
(Sept 26 10:25 AM: I repaired a hopefully short-lived problem with this link. I hope all OK now.)

No change to  2013-09-06 Amateur Player Points

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1 Response to 2013 Player Points – Experts updated

  1. Bob Read says:

    Good work to all shufflers. Well done .Thanks for Bill’s hard work. Bill please email me so I may point out an error omission.. Have a great healthy winter to all , and a Merry Christmas. . Bob Linda Read

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