2013 Year-End: President’s Letter

Photo of Rendall Bilton, OSA President

Rendall Bilton, OSA President

Dear Ontario Shufflers

I would like to thank the OSA Board for their support and helping me with a very busy year. A special thanks to the two most important women of my year – my secretary Maureen Bryan and my wife Myrna.  I want to thank Picton, Kincardine and Nobel for hosting successful tournaments. I appreciate and thank the Tournament Directors. Thanks to Gary Pipher for storing the OSA trailer. It’s the dedication of all these people that make shuffleboard a fun sport to play.

I want to congratulate all the players who took part in the 3rd Interprovincial Tournament that took place in Dieppe NB.  I was pleased and honoured to present George O’Reilly, Bill & Lorraine Pollock their awards to be inducted into the OSA Hall of Fame. I appreciate their support and shuffleboard knowledge.

I thank all of you who attended the OSA Tournaments. It takes your attendance to make a successful tournament. Goderich and Centre Wellington (Elora) will be hosting their first tournaments in 2014.   I look forward to seeing you next summer.

Rendall Bilton
President, Ontario Shuffleboard Association

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1 Response to 2013 Year-End: President’s Letter

  1. Maureen Bryan says:

    Hi Rendall, my pleasure being your secretary , I want more pay next year! Shuffle on everyone.
    Maureen Bryan (OSA SEC.)

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