Christmas Greetings from the Bilton’s

xmastreeAs you gather with your family and friends over the holidays, let’s be thankful for our many blessings. We pray that strength and courage abundant be given to all

who work for a world of reason and understanding. Help us to remember if every day were Christmas – everyone would take the time to be a little kinder, and to be a little more patient with one another. If every day were Christmas there would be more hand-holding, more hugging, more harmony in our voices, and joy would surround us all like a blanket of hope.

May the true spirit of this Christmas Season, its joy, its beauty, its hope, and above all, its abiding faith, may be among us. That the blessings of peace be ours, the peace to build and grow, to live in harmony and sympathy with others, and to plan for the future with confidence.

The things we truly cherish still come in priceless events. As long as we can enjoy the laughter of a small child, the warm hug of a loved one, and the satisfaction that comes from a life filled with purpose, we can feel grateful.

We want to wish all our Shuffleboard Friends and their Families a MERRY
CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with good health. We treasure the
many friendships that we have made from around the world. May your hearts be filled with warmth and love.

Rendall & Myrna

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1 Response to Christmas Greetings from the Bilton’s

  1. Bill B says:

    I will add our own BEST WISHES to all our readers!
    – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! – Penny and Bill Boyes

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