Help Needed for Start Up

John Mickle is looking for help with some equipment and supplies in order to get shuffleboard re-started in Ancaster Ontario. He writes the following:
“I am an active shuffleboard player in the South-West District of Florida and in Ontario.  I reside in Ancaster, Ontario and am actively trying to re-introduce shuffleboard to our Senior Centre.  I state re-introduce because it has been tried once.  We have three well laid out courts on a vinyl, auditorium floor.  “
“In order to get started, we require some equipment upgrades.  The discs in inventory are similar to ones that I have seen at the Shuffleboard Museum in Clearwater, Florida.  Money is in short supply because no one is sure if any current members will sign up to play the game.  I feel strongly that if the game becomes popular, monies will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, we are wondering if any club in Ontario might have recently upgraded  their supply of cues, discs or chalk boards and may be willing to donate or sell their used equipment which is in good work working order.  Our pressing need is for three sets of decent discs of modern vintage.”
“Please contact John Mickle if you can assist. . . . . . . Thank you”
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