The OSA Trailer – A Report from Gary Pipher

The OSA trailer is an important resource for shuffleboard in Ontario, because it carries (or can carry) up to 20 roll-out courts, court dividers,  scoreboards, and all the supplies and equipment necessary to setup a shuffleboard tournament. Just think of the International tournament to be held in the Midland Arena, August 11 – 18 this summer. OSA to the rescue, to supply and transport in their new trailer, all the courts and equipment required.

Gary Pipher has (once again) risen to a shuffleboard challenge, this time getting the old trailer replaced as well as significanly upgraded! “Well Done” Gary.

To read Gary’s interesting report, click here-> 2014-06-27 Report of G.Pipher re OSA Trailer

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3 Responses to The OSA Trailer – A Report from Gary Pipher

  1. dianamay2628 says:

    Gary… congratulations on another ‘project’ well done! Shuffleboard in Canada has benefited over and over from your contributions. Good luck with the ISA tournament in August.

  2. Muriel Burnett says:

    Thanks Gary all your work and making this available to all Ontario shuffleboard players. An amazing job well done.

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