Durelle Responds

Durelle and Bish with daughter Denise Snowden

Durelle and Bish with daughter Denise Snowden

Durelle Kowacz has responded to my request for a bit more information about her daughter:

“Our daughter’s name is Denise Snowden and she has returned to her home in Edmonton, Alberta. I was so happy to have her here for this special day in my life.”

We can all appreciate Durelle’s remarks. Having our chioldren near-by brightens our hearts and lightends our steps. We hope Denise had a good trip back to Edmonton. It was Denise who drove Durelle and Bish to Nobel (and back) from their home in Demorestville, in Prince Edward County near Picton. Thank you! It was great to see Durelle and Bish at the Nobel AGM, and see her inducted into the OSA Hall Of Fame. We can only hope we will see both of you again at another tournament in beautiful P. E. C. – Bill Boyes

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