St Marys Mingles/Singles

From: "Marlene Corbeil"
Date: Sep 10, 2014 4:12
> Here are the results of the St. Mary’s Mingles/Singles Tournament. Sept. 10,2014
> Pros 18 Players
> 1st. Terry Martin
> 2nd Bill LeMay
> 3rd Tony Pechinger
> 4th Bill Bryan
> 5th Ruth Tate
> 6th Maureen Bryan
> Ams 20 Players
> 1st Debbie Cadeau
> 2nd Grant Barrett
> 3rd Muriel Burnett
> 4th Sheila Brown
> 5th Elaine Foster
> 6th Laura Campbell
> St. Mary’s would like to thank everyone for coming to the tournament.
> Shufflers travel many miles to play and St. Mary’s appreciates the support.
> Sent in by Marlene Corbeil

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