Elora OSA-Doubles (Amateur and Open)

With appologies for the erronious subject and the missing details in the previous post –

Sent from: Maureen Bryan

ELORA OSA TOURNAMENT. Amateur play starts June 7th.
JUNE 7-9th, 2015. Open play starts June 8th -9th.
60 David St.
PLEASE NOTE: OSA Annual Meeting, June 7th , approx. 5pm.
Please come out and support our tournament. It takes all of us to keep shuffle alive and fun in Ontario. Regards Maureen Bryan OSA sec. on behalf of Rendall Bilton OSA Pres.

Editors Note: The Amateur finals and the start of the Open tournament overlap (June 8th) so Amateur finalists will NOT be able to play in the Open.

Ed. Note-2: The Elora (wellington Center) Club details are found HERE on this website.

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