Forwarded from The Shufflers News (CNSA Website) –

Congratulaions to the winnerst at the 2015 CNSA Amateur and Open Tournaments held in Woodstock Ontario, May 25 – 28.

Amateur Winners at Woodstock – May 25, 2015

Main 1st Joanne Clark & George Clark

2nd Rip Vanginkel & Donna Blom

3rd Geritt Dykman & Gerdien Dykman

4th Marv Crow & Cathy Mills

Consolation 1st Suzanne Sharp & Larry Allison

2nd Fred Wardle & Mary Wardle

3rd Don Wellsman & Gayle Kelly

4th Sharon Hammond & Robert Archer

Open Winners at Woodstock – May 28, 2015

Open Event Main 1st Myrna Bilton & Roy Babcock

2nd George O’Reilly & Donna Blom

3rd Henry Strong & Mary Button

4th Fred Muehlebach & Gunther Forth

Consolation 1st Bill LeMay & Rip Vanginkel

2nd Peter Berg & Erika Berg

3rd Jim Howard & Bill Godfrey

4th Linda McRae & Bill Boyes

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