Nobel – July 8 Open Doubles Opening Ceremonies

At the opening ceremonies of the Nobelton OSA Doubles, we gathered in a circle, and after an opening prayer by Carl Rogerson, we all sang “O Canada” led by Bev Fowler, and then our tournament director, Marlene Corbeil, reminded us of some of the rules. Then GAME ON with the draw – Bill Brian getting the “lucky court” – he was certainly very enthusiasitc! Yes, who ws that man wearing the “Hot Pants”?

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2 Responses to Nobel – July 8 Open Doubles Opening Ceremonies

  1. The Lolly pop man says:

    I did not know we had a tournament in Nobelton are they a new Club

    • Bill B says:

      Thanks for your question. Nobleton is the site of an OSA (Ontario Shuffleboard Association Inc.) tournament held each year for the past three years at least. The shuffleboard club regularly plays in a different (smaller) location – They play Thursdays from 1:00 – 3:30. PM, on roll-out courts, at the Foley Agricultural Hall just south of Parry Sound.: 60 Rankin Lake Rd, Foley, ON P2A0B2. Club President is Dick Lubbelinkhof – 705-746-2682 email
      More detailsShuffleboard Club is available on this website – see “Clubs” on the main menu. I hope that helps – if not just ask!

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