The Apple Tournament lives on but …

St Marys Shuffleboard Club WILL have the Apple Tournament once again  September 21st, 2015 and a further reminder will be posted to this website about that.

The Apple Tournament was originally held every year in Thedford Ontario, and over the years it became a tradition among shufflers in the area, but in 2014 St Marys agreed to host the tournament: From the web pages of 2014* we learn:  “… Tony Charrette in Thedford have given St Marys the okay to do their tournament for them this September, and it will be in St Marys until Thedford has enough volunteers to host this event again.”.   “BUT”: A recent email from Thedford Shuffleboard Club president to St Marys president,  discloses that Thedford “members have decided that they no longer wish to have a Thedford Apple Tournament”,  and wish to repatriate to their own club, the original trophy which was donated by a now deceased Thedford member. Of course we do respect and understand the feelings of the family and club members involved.

We should thank Thedford Shuffleboard Club for all the years of Apple Tournament fun had by many, many shufflers, and we should also thank the St. Marys Shuffleboard Club for stepping up to the task of running the tournament in 2014 and again this year! Some questions remain, but we do hope that Ron Ferguson and the rest of the St. Marys Shuffleboard Club, will continue to host a “Big Apple Tournament” or something like it. It is such a great concept at this time of year, and remains, the “Last Event Of The Season”!.

* To find out about all the Apple Tournaments we have publicised and reported on, just type “apple” in the box upper right, then click the Search button next to the box. You will have to click on items of interest in the list you will than see.

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