Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club – End of Season

Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club – End of Season]
Sent in by Henry Strong

We had a full squad of players today at the finale of the Thames Horizons Shuffleboard Club with a fine lunch of hamburger, sausage, hot dogs and many salads and desserts.
A fun filled year was had by all with the two top teams tied in league play. Hubert Van Herd and Ed Coyne were thanked for all their hard work all year caring for the courts.
Mary Button And Marge Taylor were presented with each an CNSA red jacket symbolizing them as members of the prestigious Hall of Fame, all Thames Horizon members who are in the Hall of Fame have red jackets to show off in Florida this winter.
A great big thank you to the club for supplying the jackets.
Many good wishes and good health were exchanged till next May when we do it all over again.

Pictures from “Hubert Van Eerd” <hcveerd>

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