Elora – Amateur Partner Found


Evan Engell (from Facebook)

Evan Engell needs a partner NO MORE! – Background: He plays in Texas in the winter, and from Facebook we learn he likes to mountain bike.

Here’s what he says about availability fort our tournaments etc.:
I am available for all of these * dates.  I’d love to play.  I enjoy playing.  Winning is just a bonus.  So my partner does not need to worry that I’m too too serious.  🙂

If you end up with an expert in need of a partner, and they are willing, I can play in that division.  I can hold my own in that class although I would not expect to win.
* From previous correspondence, Evan is referring to Elora, Goderich, Coldwater, Nobel.
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1 Response to Elora – Amateur Partner Found

  1. Maureen Bryan says:

    If you didn’t live too far away you could pop in to see if anyone was there without a partner.

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