Elora Amateur Main Round Winners

We congratulate the top four finalists in the 2016 Elora Amateur tournament:
Note that this was the first shuffleboard in Canada for Evan and Ann Engell, and of course, the first OSA tournament!

1st  Place Main Event Marie Kinnear, Bill Kinnear
2016_Elora_Amateur_Main_1stt Marie Kinnear, Bill Kinnear


2nd Place Main Event Gerdien and Gerrit Dykman
2016_Elora_Amateur_Main_2nd Gerdien and Gerrit Dykman

3rd Place Main Event Henry Gerrits and Leida Gerrits2016_Elora_Amateur_Main_3rd Henry Gerrits and Leida Gerrits


4th Place Main Event Evan Engell and Ann Engell, Rendal Bilton on left
2016_Elora_Amateur_Main_4th Evan Engell and Ann Engell

Credit to Muriel Burnett for this posting.

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1 Response to Elora Amateur Main Round Winners

  1. Bill B says:

    Special Thanks to Muriel Burnett for taking these pictures at our Elora Amateur tournament.

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