Pictures from Elora 2016 Day-1

From Muriel Burnett[

Norm and Bernice from Centre Wellington Club

Judy and Charlie Killinger are faithful members of the Centre Wellington Club.

Nev and Laura Campbell

Ann and Evan Engell. (Evan’s Dad is Wayne Engell who has played on the ISA team, travelling to Brazill and Australia).

We wish all players well. Having fun is what this is all about!

2016-06-14 Muriel Burnett

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1 Response to Pictures from Elora 2016 Day-1

  1. Lis says:

    Hello! I am from Brazil and, about twelve years ago, I welcomed the shuffleboard players from Canada in a tournament here. I still have two of them in my Facebook, Ralph and Bert, but I am trying to reach Martine Vermeire. I was wandering If you have her contact, probably an email. We got really attatched back then and I would love to hear from her again! Thank you!

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