Peter Berg Inducted into OSA Hall Of Fame

20160615_Peter Berg HOF  profilePeter Berg’s induction into the OSA Hall Of Fame, Player Category could not have been more deserved. He and shuffleboard partner (and life partner) Erica, are always a considerable force in any tournament they enter. Therefore, we were not surprised when Peter achieved the 35 player-point total last year.  Congratulations and well done Peter!.

Presentation by Myrna Bilton ->  Peter Berg 2016 Player



More pictures –

Peter and HOF induction presenter, Myrna Bilton20160615_Peter Berg HOF 2 with Myrna Bilton

Peter gets carefully pinned by Erica20160615_Peter Berg HOF 3 pinned by Erica
20160615_Peter Berg HOF 1 by  Myrna Bilton






Myrna Bilton provides the words of the induction






Peter and fellow inductee, Glen Peltier
20160615_Peter Berg HOF 4 Peter and Glen






Myrna Bilton presents

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