ELORA Expert Tournament Winners

Here are the winners of the OSA Elora Doubles Tournament – Expert Division

Entries: 24
– – – – – Main Event – – – – –
1st Glen Peltier and Jim Corbeil2016_ELORA_EXP_Main_1st
2nd Maureen Bryan and Myrna Bilton
3rd George Admiral and Carl Rogerson
4th Bill Boyes and Beverly Fowler
 – – – – –  Consolation Event – – – – –
1st Consolation Shirley Bryan and John Mickle
2nd Consolation Bill Lemay and Rip Van Ginkel
3rd Consolation Donna Blom and Bill Oostdyk
4th Consolation Eleanor Simmons and Howard Snider
Thanks again Everyone for coming, and a especial thanks to all the volunteers who looked after us while we had fun, and made the ELORA Doubles a GREAT tournament!
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1 Response to ELORA Expert Tournament Winners

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Thanks Bill for your coverage of our tournament in Elora.
    Great you got your picture taken. – Congratulations.
    We are all winners to be able to take part in the game we love to play,
    Where lasting friendships have been made.
    Rendall & Myrna

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