St Marys BIG APPLE TOURNAMENT is Monday Sept. 19

From: Marianne/Ron Ferguson

Attached is our flyer advertising “NEW format for the BIG APPLE TOURNAMENT:”

After 25 plus years of having the APPLE TOURNAMENT  play in a “Mixed Draw Doubles” format, we had a Club meeting and have decided to run our APPLE tournament this year applying a “MINGLE-SINGLES” format.

In recent conversations with Jim and Marlene Corbeil and Ruth Stewart, they thought it would be a good idea to change away from the mixed draw double Still playing to win apples, the shufflers have the opportunity to play in all games.  (Not travel 40 miles, and have a bye in their first game, lose in your second game and go home because you are done.)  This was the main complaint we had with the Mixed-Draw Double format last year.

Hopefully this NEW format will be well received by all.

Ron Ferguson:
St.Marys Shuffleboard Club.
Webmaster Bill says: Great Idea Ron!.
So everyone, click to see the -> attached poster, and mark your calendars for September 19th!


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4 Responses to St Marys BIG APPLE TOURNAMENT is Monday Sept. 19

  1. gary pipher says:

    Wow Bill were you actually awake “or sober” when you posted this garbel. On Jun 24, 2016 4:38 PM, “Ontario Shuffleboard News and Information” wrote:

    > Bill B posted: “From: Marianne/Ron Ferguson” >

    • Bill B says:

      Gary – I was adding a title to the information about the St Marys Apple Tournament, and left out a bracket. I fixed it as soon as I saw what happened. I guess I was only half awake.

  2. Maureen and Bill says:

    This is a good idea as it is for fun Ron . Everyone will have the same number of games and be done in one day. Hopefully Centre Wellington will be well represented in St. Mary’s.
    Maureen and Bill Bryan ( Centre Wellington Club )

  3. Maureen and Bill Bryan. says:

    Ron, this is good to try, hopefully Centre Wellington will be well represented, we need lots of apples over our way. Keep up the good work. Regards Maureen Bryan OSA Sec.

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